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All of our masks are proudly manufactured in Canada by Dent-X Canada and First Nations Procurement Inc.


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Mask Supply Canada is a proud authorized distributor of Dent-X Canada; a Canadian-Owned and Operated Business that has held a MDEL for over 15 years and has also partnered with First Nations to provide employment opportunities. Every purchase not only supports local economies but provides support to our First Nations people as well.

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Mask Supply Canada is a proud distributor of Dent-X Canada Masks. Dent-X Canada is a Canadian owned and operated company, has held a Medical Device License for over 15 years and is ISO registered. All masks are tested to NIOSH standards and are proudly manufactured (not just packaged) right here in Ontario in one of three manufacturing plants. Their main operating plant and head quarters is located in Vaughan Ontario. They also have 2 additional plants located in 2 First Nations Communities providing much needed employment opportunities to First Nation’s peoples.